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Welcome to Thendara! 

Attending events at camp is perhaps the best way to learn about all that the club has to offer.  In the meantime, here's a little bit about what to expect. 


The club is a cooperative venture in which voluntary contributions of time and work are needed so that we can all enjoy Thendara.  As a new member, we encourage you to join us as an active host, trail maintainer and/or leader of outdoor activities. These could include hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, swimming, canoeing, orienteering, etc... If you do not have prior experience, the appropriate committee chair or experienced members will be able to guide you through procedures.  The enclosed form indicates interest in volunteering. Please consider what abilities you have that could be shared and enjoyed by the other members. 

Occasionally the camp needs repairs, upgrades, etc. If you have skills or the energy to help in such endeavors, please let us know. We always appreciate the extra hands. 

Camp Access 

Camp-access privileges allow entrance to the camp's grounds and outdoor facilities at other than registered events. 

Gate Key:

To obtain a key to the main gate, you will need to: 1) be a member in good standing for three months,  2)participate in at least one weekend and 3)complete three workshops:  These workshops are: A)camp safety, B) Hiking safety, and C) Trail Maintenance in order to become familiar with camp procedures, safety issues and Palisades Interstate Park regulations. Availability of these workshops is listed in the bulletin's scheduled events and website. Or, when registering for a weekend or a hike, please ask the host/leader if they will provide the appropriate workshop.

House Key:

After attaining the gate key, you are eligible, if you wish, to obtain a key to the lodge. This entails one-year membership, completion of a lodge operating workshop, which is a more intense camp operations orientation, and then co-hosting two weekends -- one in summer and one in winter -- with an experienced host. Please contact the chair of the camp committee or the camp manager for more information about this.

Upon arrival at camp, all members and guests, including children, must sign the registry book.  All fees, that are not payable to the host for a scheduled weekend, should be placed in an envelope provided and slipped into the lock-box next to the registry.  Do not place cash or checks into the lock-box without using an envelope. Please print clearly and fill out the envelope completely.  If the lodge is locked and you do not have a house key, mail a check for your fee made payable to “Thendara Mountain Club, Inc.” to the club treasurer listed in the Bulletin. Envelopes can be found in the mailbox outside the lodge door.

Any use of the camp lodge or waterfront requires payment of a house fee, even for a short period of time.  Members will be exempt from fees only when hosting a scheduled weekend or midweek, coming to camp exclusively for club business, to show camp to prospective members without using facilities, or perform work details approved by the Camp Manager. Members parking in the lower parking lot to go on a hike are also exempt.

Camp Thendara is never to be used by a select group to the exclusion of the general membership.  All members are welcome at camp at anytime.  There should never be so overwhelming a number of guests at Camp to prevent use by members.

Members planning to visit camp overnight for or during hosted events must register with the host no later than the preceding Thursday for weekends and midweeks.  Hosts may specify an early registration date in their Bulletin listing.  Participation on camp weekends, midweeks and events is on a first come, first served basis Hosts are under no obligation to accept registrations for children under 18 years of age and may limit the number of children attending.

Guests are only permitted at camp as the guest of a member.  Members are fully responsible for the behavior of their guests.  Guests are required to sign a Guest Waiver Form every time they visit camp for the day or weekend.  The forms are available in the black plastic file box in the nature room and the completed forms should be filed in that box too.

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