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Costly mistake at the TMC lodge

Mon, February 28, 2022 4:09 PM | Anonymous

Dear members:
It seems some of our lodge key holders have forgotten some of our important procedures at camp.

Last week, someone who did not sign in, opened up but did not shut the house down correctly.  They opened the valves to drain the water system but didn't turn off the pump switch so the heat was on and the water ran for what we think was a few days.  We may have burned 50-60 gallons of propane, and added significant strain to our water pump which will be very costly to replace.  Another member stopped in and discovered the situation and turned everything off correctly. 

This is the exact reason why we need everyone to sign in. While the first inclination might be to repriman this member, I'm much more interested in educating them and making sure it doesn't happen again.  We have had a variety of issues this winter, including having to replace the water heater element numerous times because people either turned the water heater on before the tank was full or they drained it before turning the heater off.  

We could put the padlock back on the kitchen door that was used during COVID to manage access to the lodge but I would prefer that people 1) take a water system refresher which will be provided at the lodge key workshop on March 5 at 10am or 2) follow, step by step, the very detailed instructions for opening and closing the water system on the water heater in the basement and attached here.  

I strongly encourage lodge key holders to get reintroduced to the systems.  At the least, closing the system down incorrectly is an inconvenience for the next person opening up, or it can cost the club significant money, or in extreme instances, a mistake could burn the lodge down.  DON'T BE THAT MEMBER!  Please ask an experienced host for help, or attend a lodge key workshop for a refresher.

I hope the club will begin getting more use as Covid fades away and the warmer weather attracts members to the woods and waterfront but, please, be sure to follow our procedures for your safety and the preservation of the club.


Kathy Haake

PS: the spring clean up work day will be on April 9 - hope you can join us!

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