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  • Tue, May 03, 2022 2:13 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Members,

    I would like to congratulate the newly elected Thendara Board: Kevin Broderick, Hope Rogers, Mintari Preston, Darlene Rivais, Mike Savas, Andy Schlossberg, Bill Winter and Bill Lee. They will be running the club for next two years. Many thanks to our three departing board members; Peter Bobrow, Ana Castillo, Clare Kersten, and Cathy Veit. I expect we will still see you around, helping out! I would also like to thank you all for once again electing me to President.

    Some of our vacant volunteer positions have been picked up by generous members, including Glen Nison, Margot Dorn, Herman Barrocales, Hector Cruz, Grace Valdes-Hexter and Kirk Barrett. I would love to add your name to the list. Check the remaining jobs available below.

    A special thank you to Clare Kersten who has stepped up to be our new webmaster and established our new website at https://ThendaraMountainClub.wildapricot.org Please check it out, and keep in mind it is still a work in progress!

    The Thendara Board has chosen an attorney to help us correct the issues with our incorporation and revise our bylaws. There will likely be changes to our bylaws that will need to be approved by the membership at the 2023 Annual Meeting so please keep an eye out for notices of our progress.

    Please consider contributing just a small amount of your time to help keep our club running by volunteering for one of the positions below.

    I hope to see you at camp,

    Kathy Haake, TMC President

    Open positions:

    - Insurance liaison: connect with broker in August for October policy

    - Smoke/CO2 detectors in lodge and bunkhouse: check monthly, replace as needed.

    - Fire extinguishers: contact Campbell for annual inspection, self-inspect monthly.

    - Hire contractors for large repairs: main rm window, boathouse roof

    - Organize small repairs: gutter replacement, fire ring bench seat, sand & paint picnic tables

    - Minor electric/plumbing

    - Oversee outhouse pit cleaning

    Host handbook revisions/waterfront safety plan updates

    We are open to suggestions!

  • Tue, May 03, 2022 10:09 AM | Anonymous

    Find out about hosted weekends through Aug. 27 and much more. Navigate to Bulletins under the restricted Members tab to download the pdf.

    Email ThendaraMtnClub@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

  • Tue, April 19, 2022 4:44 AM | Anonymous

    Hello Camp Members,

    The gate combination will be changed the weekend of May 7th/8th. Please navigate to the Members Only tab at thendaramountainclub.wildapricot.org for the new combination or email ThendaraMtnClub@gmail.com 

    Thank you,

    Margot Dorn

    Combo Coordinator

  • Wed, April 13, 2022 7:45 AM | Anonymous

    Here is the Thendara Annual Report for 2021. Please email ThendaraMtnClub@gmail.com if you have trouble opening it.

    Thendara annual report 2021-V2 with audit added.pdf

  • Mon, February 28, 2022 4:09 PM | Anonymous

    Dear members:
    It seems some of our lodge key holders have forgotten some of our important procedures at camp.

    Last week, someone who did not sign in, opened up but did not shut the house down correctly.  They opened the valves to drain the water system but didn't turn off the pump switch so the heat was on and the water ran for what we think was a few days.  We may have burned 50-60 gallons of propane, and added significant strain to our water pump which will be very costly to replace.  Another member stopped in and discovered the situation and turned everything off correctly. 

    This is the exact reason why we need everyone to sign in. While the first inclination might be to repriman this member, I'm much more interested in educating them and making sure it doesn't happen again.  We have had a variety of issues this winter, including having to replace the water heater element numerous times because people either turned the water heater on before the tank was full or they drained it before turning the heater off.  

    We could put the padlock back on the kitchen door that was used during COVID to manage access to the lodge but I would prefer that people 1) take a water system refresher which will be provided at the lodge key workshop on March 5 at 10am or 2) follow, step by step, the very detailed instructions for opening and closing the water system on the water heater in the basement and attached here.  

    I strongly encourage lodge key holders to get reintroduced to the systems.  At the least, closing the system down incorrectly is an inconvenience for the next person opening up, or it can cost the club significant money, or in extreme instances, a mistake could burn the lodge down.  DON'T BE THAT MEMBER!  Please ask an experienced host for help, or attend a lodge key workshop for a refresher.

    I hope the club will begin getting more use as Covid fades away and the warmer weather attracts members to the woods and waterfront but, please, be sure to follow our procedures for your safety and the preservation of the club.


    Kathy Haake

    PS: the spring clean up work day will be on April 9 - hope you can join us!

  • Sun, January 09, 2022 6:26 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Members:

    We had another significant bear sighting at camp on Saturday, July 31!

    Over a three-hour period on Saturday afternoon a young bear visited our camp multiple times. It was not aggressive, but it also was not afraid of people. The bear was first observed sniffing out the bunkhouse. It then went to the camping area and took a backpack. The backpack contained a half-consumed bottle of Gatorade, but no food. At one point it came halfway up the steps that go down to the outhouse before being turned around by a group of people yelling at it from the top of the stairs.

    The bear, which has a yellow tag on its ear, is known to the park as one that is insufficiently afraid of people. They do not want to cull it, so want people visiting Thendara, or anywhere in the park, to act responsibly. If you see a bear the best thing to do is, stick together, do not run, make a lot of annoying noise, blow whistles, bang metal (pots or the gong if at camp), and WALK away or go inside.

    Please do not encourage them to interact with people in any way. They live here, we are visitors in their home. I don’t want people to be scared but we need to be vigilant - absolutely no food, toiletries or food smelling backpacks in the campsites, bunkhouse or on the docks. No food can be left on the back porch or at the picnic tables, day or night. The refrigerator cabinet and the front porch door must be kept closed. Kitchen windows and the door must be shut if no one is in the kitchen.

    The Park is tracking bear sightings. If you see a bear please fill out the attached form (as best you can) and send it to PALWildlife@parks.ny.gov along with pictures or other details. If the bear is seen at camp please copy a TMC Board Member so we can keep track of our sightings. Print out a copy for your backpack and we will keep a supply of the forms in the nature room. If a bear is causing a problem at camp or elsewhere in the park you can reach out to:

    Hollie Campeanu, Wildlife Management Technicianby phone 845-206-8265 or email: Hollie.campeanu@parks.ny.gov. If on duty, Hollie can provide advice or may be able to come to the location of the problem. Please don’t call Hollie unless you are actively experiencing a bear problem.Please remember, the bear doesn’t want to hurt anyone, it just wants food. At this time of year there is very little native food in the park for bears, so they are visiting garbage bins and camping areas. We don't want them to ever find food at our camp, that will make them less likely to return.

    And we want them to be afraid of people – that is the only way they are going to survive. Thanks and keep an eye out!

    Thendara Board

  • Wed, January 05, 2022 11:26 AM | Anonymous

    Remembering John McCullough

    written by Hope Rogers

    Long-time Thendara member John McCullough passed away January 4 after a brief illness. He was with his family in Evanston, IL, where he and his wife moved in 2009.

    What follows are a few memories of outdoor adventures with him.

    John and I met in 2007 at a July 4 canoeing weekend at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Mohican Outdoor Center, in the Delaware Water Gap recreation area.  For our first day on the water, we were all instructed to find a paddling partner roughly our size and weight, so that both ends of the canoe would sit at the same depth in the water.  John quietly approached me and pointed out that we were about the same size. My unspoken, extremely ungenerous reaction was something like, “a whole weekend with this old guy with the hearing aids? Oh no.” (By the way, he was then a mere three years older than I am now.)

    I couldn’t have been more wrong. We hit it off immediately. Behind the crusty, hard-of-hearing exterior lay a kind, gentlemanly soul with a wicked sense of humor, a taste for adventure and fun, and an appetite for the outdoors and wild places. That October we shared a canoe again, this time on a camping trip in the Adirondacks led by the same able AMC leader. Dismal weather; great times.

    Everyone who knew John was aware that he could be irritable and impatient. But he knew himself well. One day on the Undercliff Trail near Cold Spring, NY, we crossed paths with an older, rather unfriendly hiker. After he had gone by, John remarked, “Just like me: old, deaf and grumpy.”

    When I met John I had just started to hike. I didn’t even know how to read trail markers. He proved a tireless teacher, letting me lead and simply stopping silently when I veered off trail, leaving me to figure out where I’d gone wrong. John introduced me to Thendara, which changed my life. He got me started with trail maintaining; when he moved away I took over maintaining his Thendara trail section.

    A retired chemist, John loved details: lists of supplies for camping and hiking, total recall of limericks and of songs from The Threepenny Opera (in German, of course), and immersive trail map studying.  He didn’t have one favorite hike but rather loved to find new places to go or new ways to navigate more familiar terrain. He did have a sneaker for Schunnemunk Mountain though.

    Thanks to John’s boundless hike ideas I was introduced to several areas I would never have discovered on my own. On a winter hike on the Kittatinny Ridge we were yelled at by a hunter for not wearing red or orange. He was right! We were so spoiled by hunter-free Harriman that we had forgotten all about hunting. We didn’t return there. Trips to the Adirondacks and the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania were far more successful. But his zest for every outing made them all grand adventures.

    The morning he died, his daughter Mia wrote: “I opened the window so his energy could go out. I’m sure he’s headed back to Harriman. That’s where his heart lived.”

  • Thu, December 30, 2021 11:28 AM | Anonymous

    Dear Members,

    The gate combination will be changed on Jan 16th, weather permitting. If you are receiving this email you will have access to the new combination in the members only section of the website on January 10th. We will post both the new and the old combination to ensure access during the transition period.

    Thank you,

    Margot Dorn

    Gate Combo Coordinator

  • Wed, March 11, 2015 6:37 AM | Anonymous

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